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Youth Economy

The Youth Economy aims to attract and integrate rural youth and urban, at-risk youth who must have confidence in the fact that their ideas matter and they can become independent and sustainable entrepreneurs.



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YEA - Youth Economy Agency

We were established to provide young people with a special economic space to turn hobbies into entrepreneurship and skills into businesses. The Agency aims to carve out a unique space in the general economic system for youth entrepreneurship and business growth by providing state resources to young people to create sustainable livelihoods through business development, finance and marketing support, and training and mentorship.

The function and responsibility of the Youth Economy Agency and Youth Economy Programme are guided by the Board of Directors under the Youth Economy Act.

"Change your hobbies into businesses!"


Functions & Responsibilities of the Youth Economy Agency

1. Capacity Building

Provide an avenue for young people who have special interests in certain lines of economic activity such as sports, music entertainment, designing, the creative economy, cultural activities, digital economy, arts, agriculture and the blue economy. Provide the necessary training incentives and opportunities for young people with dreams or existing businesses.