The Youth Economy Agency exists,in part, to provide guidance to young people through a mentorship programme tailored to give exposure and appreciation for best business practices, inculcate business discipline, stress the need for accountability and instil the value of persistence. 

In this regard, the Agency will conduct its second six-month mentorship programme to support more than seventy (70) Saint Lucian entrepreneurs between fifteen (15) and thirty-five (35) years old, commencing April, 2024.

Some thirty-five (35) mentors with the expertise and practical experience will be engaged to provide support to young aspiring men and women across Saint Lucia.

The first YEA Mentorship Programme impacted thirty-five (35) young Saint Lucian entrepreneurs, who took part in a six-month programme involving weekly coaching from July to December 2023.

To foster the success of our clients, mentors must be responsive and adaptable to the needs of young entrepreneurs and possess the dynamism to provide them with the practical solutions to promote a new cadre of indigenous businesspeople.


Mentees will
•    gain experience and perspective based on real-life circumstances and practice
•    identify long-term business and professional development needs
•    develop a meaningful professional relationship

Mentors will
•    contribute to the professional development of young business men and women
•    assist in building successful careers and launching successful businesses
•    support the expansion of the national economic landscape
•    reinvest time and contribute to the socio-economic development of their community


The Mentorship Programme will facilitate the coaching of seventy (70) Saint Lucians between the ages of fifteen (15) and thirty-five (35) in various areas of business management. The overall goal of the programme is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between mentors and mentees in a structured setting to foster good business practices through effective guidance and the sharing of experiences.


Youth Economy Agency

1.    Structure of the Mentorship Programme
2.    Assign Mentors and Mentees
3.    Share Guidelines for Course Outline
4.    Organise Orientation for Participants
5.    Review and Evaluate Programme


1.    Conduct Weekly One-Hour Sessions with each assigned Mentee
2.    Prepare and Submit Area-specific Course Outline
2.    Prepare and Submit Progress Reports Monthly
3.    Prepare and Submit Evaluation Report for each Mentee


1.    Attend Weekly one-hour sessions
2.    Complete and Submit all Assignments by specified deadlines
3.    Maintain a Mentorship Programme Journal

Suggested Activities

1.    Mentor schedules weekly meetings at a mutually convenient time and venue for Mentees
2.    Mentees attend a business-relevant training programme with Mentor
3.    Mentor and mentees discuss proper business standards and protocol for their specific areas of interest
4.    Mentees spend a day shadowing the Mentor during a typical work day
5.    Mentor visits Mentees place of business to observe and offer suggestions for improvement
6.    Mentees accompany Mentor to other professional/business meeting


Mentees must

•    be a client of the Youth Economy Agency
•    be a start-up or existing business in the MSME sector
•    complete the application form

Mentors must

•    be a practicing expert in their field for at least ten (10) years
•    be willing to commit to the Mentorship Programme for six (6) months
•    complete the application form



The ideal Mentee will be a client of the Youth Economy Agency. S/he will have been assessed and approved by the Business Development Officer for guidance, coaching and mentorship for the success of their business venture.

The ideal Mentee will also possess the following attributes:
  • Willingness to learn and grow;
  • Result-oriented, a team player;
  • Excellent interpersonal and professional skills;
  • Excellent communication skills; and
  • Able to read, understand and follow verbal instructions.

The ideal Mentor will be a recognised industry professional with proven experience in the area of interest. S/he will also possess the following skills and experience:
  • At least ten (10) years of professional experience in the area of interest;
  • High level written and oral communications skills in English;
  • Must be result-oriented, a team player, exhibiting high levels of tact and integrity;
  • Proficient in use of Microsoft Office Suite;
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and professional skills; and
  • Proven knowledge of best business practices.


Mentors will be paid a monthly stipend of XCD $500.00 for their participation in this programme.


The scope of this assignment is expected to be completed in six (6) months.